Some of our golf repair services are listed below.  Let's be honest, I just listed the ones that are the most popular and will make us the most money.  However, we can do any type of club repair but we may charge you for being different.  If you want a custom quote feel free to visit our contact page or don't, it won't hurt our feelings.



Your grips get old, probably because you are gripping the club way too hard, we can't help you with that but we can change your grips for you.  Just let us know!


Sometimes a shaft on a club breaks, you could have hit a tree, your leg or the guy who just took $100 off of you when you missed that 5 footer on 18.  It doesn't matter how you broke it, we will fix it!

loft/lie adjustment

Let's be honest, are you really good enough to know what your loft and lies mean?  Probably not, but we do and if you think you hit your 9 iron 175 yards, you probably need them adjusted.