All of our golf club repair services are listed below with estimate pricing. Why estimate pricing?  Because we don't like to be locked into any long term relationships, just ask our ex-wives.  

golf girps.jpeg


We will order your grips based on your request, unless we think your request is stupid, then we will try and convince you to buy something we think is better.  Or you can order them yourselves and bring them to us, doesn't matter to us!  So how much do we charge to install? 8 quarters per grip, yep that is it, just 8 measly quarters and you will have yourself a new grip.  Pretty simple.


Need a new shaft for that wedge that you "accidentally" broke?  No problem, we can order any shaft you want and fix that club so it's just like new.  What to lengthen or shorten your shaft because you had a growth spurt or are getting old and shrinking?  We do that too!  Ferrule falling off? That sucks!  We fix that too!  Below is a list of all shaft adjustments/repair we will do for you.

Shorten Shaft - $4
Lengthen Shaft - $6 (always cost more to lengthen your shaft)
Standard Shaft Installation - $17
Remove Shaft (only from the head of the club, not from an orifice) - $10
Reshaft (Set of 8) - $80
Tighten Iron Head - $4
Replace Ferrule (that is the little black thing at the end of the shaft before the club) - $8
Change Swingweight - $10



Loft & LIe Adjustments

So you been hitting your 7 iron 160 yards and your 9 iron 160 yards and your 4 iron 160 yards?  Sounds like a loft issue and I am not talking about a Lack Of F&%king Talent either.  All of your clubs should have a consistent loft and over time (and a bunch of mishits) they can need adjustment.  Notice the toe of the club is up in the air?  You might need a lie adjustment, you know, one that doesn't need a foot wedge.  

Loft and Lie Adjustment - $32